About Us

We are organic apiarists and master gardeners who raise bees and propagate drought tolerant, native, and pollinator friendly plants with and eye more towards a sustainable planet than profit margins.

We formulate body products using own own pure honey and beeswax combined with all natural, organic oils and essential oils, and botanicals for specific properties.

Our products offer the highest level of purity without chemicals, artificial preservatives or filler products and are gluten and GMO-free. Our Idaho grown plants are specifically selected to thrive in Idaho's unique climate and soils. Our plants are not sold through our website, only onsite sales during the spring and summer months. Please contact us for availability. Often we can accommodate special requests for large quantities of smaller plants (3" pots) with advance notice at a discounted rate.

Our body products, soaps, and honey can be purchased through the website, or at one of our quality retail partners. We are always looking for additional quality retail outlets, so if you are a retailer interested in selling our products please contact us.

If you have suggestions for a store that you would like to see carry our products, please let us know!

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