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Goat Milk and Raw Honey soap

Beautiful skin! Glowing, healthy, radiantly smooth! How do you get it, and keep it?

By eating right, of course, but also by using products that are designed to achieve that goal. Your soap should be an important part of the equation, not just something to rid your body of the day's dirt and sweat. It should be gentle enough to preserve your natural skin balance, yet have antibacterial properties to soothe away any imperfections! Our soap does just that!

Fabulously creamy and rich lathering Goat Milk and Pure Raw Honey Soap provides a great bathing experience. Hand-crafted in small batches with organic oils and pure raw honey, this bar soap will moisturize your skin, as well as combat bacteria.

Choose from your favorite fragrances for a sensory delight in the shower or bath. Our soap is rich and creamy enough to use as a shaving gel, and many of our customers use it as a shampoo too.

Made without any chemicals or artificial ingredients, this is the finest natural soap you can buy, with sustainable and ethically sourced, non-GMO and gluten free ingredients.

Because our soaps are hand-crafted in small batches, bars will vary in weight between 3.9-4.3 oz. They make wonderful gifts!


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