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Propolis Tincture bottle
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Propolis Tincture

A solution of 50% propolis in grain alcohol (190 proof). Honey bee propolis is made from tree sap (resins) gathered by bees, and mixed with honey and secretions by the bees to create a defense in their hive against bacteria, microbes, and fungi.

Propolis has been highly regarded for its antibacterial and antifungal properties for humans and pets. It has been know as a treatment for gum disease, cold sores, herpes, ear infections, and as a general immune system support.

Our propolis is gathered from our own bee hives, which are NEVER treated with chemicals—a rarity in the beekeeping world. It comes in a convenient 1 oz dropper bottle for easy use. We infuse the alcohol with propolis for a minimum of six weeks to ensure a true tincture quality and strength.

1 oz


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