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Soap 2 Go container
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Soap 2 Go

Ever need to clean your hands or face, and your choices are plain water or that toxic liquid soap they serve up in gas stations, office buildings, and restaurants?

We have faced that dilemma and chose plain water to avoid products that are harmful and drying - NOT the best way to clean hands.

Our solution? A convenient flip top waterproof box that carries little natural soap pieces for "clean on the go". No wasting a whole bar, or storing wet soap in your purse or bag. Problem solved!

These are perfect for camping, traveling, or trips to the mall with the kids. Little hands love these - and, if they love them, they will use them!

Safe and gentle with all-natural ingredients - like organic oils, pure goat milk, and raw honey for extra anti bacterial activity. These cute little soaps are available in different scents. Pick your favorite, or get a few boxes! The scents are from pure essential oils, and/or natural ingredients like cocoa powder and coffee.

.6 oz


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