Bee Services and Bee Swarm Re-Housing


What to do with a swarm of bees?

As a community service, we collect and re-home bee swarms in the Boise area for free. Please do not spray or try to kill the bees. In swarms, the bees are usually non-aggressive. Contact us and send:

  • a picture of the swarm
  • where the bee swarm is, (ie in a tree, how high)
  • how big it is (ie the size of a basketball, or baseball)
  • how accessible the area is (ie behind a locked gate with guard dogs)
  • how long has it been there

We will get there ASAP (often that same day) to safely remove the swarm and rehome the bees. Please try to determine that these are actually honey bees, and not wasps. Honey bees do not build nests in the ground, or build exterior nests (see images below). We do not perform extractions from buildings or structures, but we may be able to refer you to someone who performs that type of work


 Get acquainted with bees, and those insects that look like bees.  We often get calls from people who confuse the insect.  Try as we might, we haven't been able to get a wasp to make honey.
There are so many bugs that look like bees.
There are mainly three types of honey bees.  The queen and worker bees are female.  While the drone is male, and doesn't do much, except propagate the species.  In the fall, when honey stores become precious to the bees, they will kick all of the drones out - to die.  No problem.  They'll make more in the springtime.
Yellow-jackets!  In my opinion, the dark side of nature.  Enemy of honeybees.  Pesty jerks who eat baby bees, steal honey, and basically kill.  I have difficulty loving this part of nature.  I have very little compassion for the species.
Paper wasp nest.  In large numbers they can hassle a honey bee hive, but usually they're too busy irritating other bugs, people and animals.

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