Biodegradable plastic wrap.

Biodegradable plastic wrap.

We're please to announce that we have started wrapping all of our products (where possible) with eco-friendly biodegradable, compostable plastic wrap.

This wrap will break down over time and be absorbed into the environment with no toxic impact.  Yay!

Since starting in this business I have been amazed at the amount of plastic waste we see.  For a while we were shipping our products without wrap, but due to COVID it made sense to protect the product.  This has some down-sides.  For one, the luscious smell from the pure essential oils is covered up.  Secondly, there is quite an additional cost involved.   Fortunately the wrap we're using is perforated so that the scents CAN be smelled, you just have to try harder.  Regarding the cost, we are trying to absorb the cost; however we may have to introduce a small increase soon.

Plastic jars are also used for many of our products.  I have tried to find alternatives, and the most promising I've found is compostable cardboard.  This will work; however the cost is quadruple the plastic jars.  We did a small test market, and found that while most people are pleased with the eco-friendly option, when it comes to parting with their money, most people choose the cheaper plastic jars.  While the jars are recyclable, I would rather have something with a smaller footprint.  Please give me ideas if you have any.

Stay tuned while we continue to refine and improve our products, packaging and branding.

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