Beeswax Wraps - Set of 2

Beeswax Wraps - Set of 2

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Beeswax Wraps – set of two!

A great gift, and an eco friendly alternative to plastic wrap. Zero waste!

Wrap leftovers: a hunk of cheese, or a sandwich, or to cover your dishes. Mold the cloth over the dish and the warmth of your hand will create a seal. Fold over your sandwich and the wrap will hold its’ shape. Made with cotton fabric infused with pure, raw beeswax, jojoba oil, and pine resin, these wraps have anti-bacterial properties.

To reuse, rinse and use mild dish soap and cold water. Your wraps will last and last and last. Do not use in oven, or microwave as that will melt away the wax.

Set of two includes one 12” x12” cloth (perfect for bowls or sandwiches) and one 18” x 13” (casserole size!). Fabric pattern may vary.