Sampler Soap Gift Set with Ayate Cloth

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Sampler Soap Gift Set with Ayate Cloth

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A gift that will be so appreciated, and really used!

Wonderfully moisturizing and all-natural soap made with organic oils, goat milk, pure raw honey, and essential oils to provide a luxurious and SCENTual cleansing experience!

We package four of our deliciously scented guest-sized bars of soap together with an Ayate bath cloth—hand woven from the dried fibers of the agave plant. This long lasting cloth invigorates and exfoliates your skin, while the goat milk and honey soap nourishes and soothes as it cleanses.

Our soaps contain no drying agents or SLS, just gentle and moisturizing ingredients. Each bar weighs between 1.25-1.5oz. We'll send a variety of our most popular scents.

Each soap is hand crafted and unique made in small batches,  so slight variations of weight and coloration  may occur. The ingredients are consistent. The weight posted is the minimum weight of each bar.  (usually .5 oz more than posted)