Simply Gruff Cedarwood Skin Cream and Beard Conditioner
Simply Gruff Cedarwood Skin Cream and Beard Conditioner

Boise Bees & Blossoms LLC

Simply Gruff Cedarwood Skin Cream and Beard Conditioner

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Even the gruffest among us deserve soft, moist skin.  This stuff will turn dry, scaly and cracked skin into smooth, soft, sexy.   The light cedarwood essential oil is gruff, yet sexy.

It also holds beard and facial hair in place and richens the hair with natural goodness, leaving it soft, smooth and sexy, just like it does to skin.

An all-natural thick skin cream formulated by JB to also help with facial hair.  The result is a can of stuff to nourish and moisturize your skin and facial hair with organic and skin-balancing ingredients. He formulated this cream to absorb quickly into the skin for a layer of protection throughout the day. Use it at night for super hydration!

The metal container can be repurposed for storing nuts, bolts and other valuables.  This is our first use of these containers and we hope to convert most of our other products from plastics to more eco-friendly containers.

We infuse the organic olive oil with calendula—known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties—to help with any minor irritations or blemishes.

This cream contains all-natural beeswax from our own hives, which are NEVER treated with any man-made chemicals. Like all of our products, it's also GMO free and gluten-free. Our purity is unmatched in the marketplace. We include rosewater for its toning properties, and aloe vera to nourish the skin. Choose from four delicious scents, all created using pure essential oils. They make fabulous gifts for moms or the special woman in your life!

2 oz