About Us

Handmade Natural Soap, Creams, Lotions

The way Mother Nature intendedClean Skin - Naturally

Using only pure essential oils, goat’s milk, raw honey and organic lathering agents

“Natural” means environmentally friendly, sustainably-sourced ingredients that are naturally occurring from plants, flowers, minerals or animals, such as bees.  That is our standard for “natural”.

We are family-owned and operated and we handcraft our products in small batches.  The traditions of soap making have been passed down for centuries.  Most of the advances in soap making have been developed to cut costs, make money and produce in high volumes.  You can rest assured that our standards remain firm on natural, mother-nature-blessed methods and products.

We raise our bees naturally.  No man-made chemical treatments that leave residues in the hives, wax and honey.  Our apiary is in the country outskirts of Boise Idaho where our bees forage on wildflowers and an occasional farmer’s field.

Our gardens are minimally tilled, organically managed - and hand-weeded... (good exercise for the Blowers family).

We pursue organic, Non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients wherever possible.  It is worth noting that the cost of these “clean” ingredients is much higher than mass-produced ones.  All of our fragrances are from unique combinations of ONLY pure essential oils. We color our products from crushed herbs, minerals and fruit or vegetable extracts.  Nothing synthetic for preservatives or coloring.

Our products are inspired by Mother Nature, and can be used by Mother Nature safely.

Start taking care of your skin - the largest organ in your body - by cleansing, moisturizing and enriching it with Boise Bees and Blossom’s natural products.