About Us

We are Family Owned & Operated, right here in the Treasure Valley!

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We are the Cameron family. We grew up right here in the Treasure Valley; floating the Boise River, hiking the Owyhees, watching wild sunflowers grow along the highways and playing in the snow on Bogus Basin. We absolutely love this area and we love that we get to take part in giving something back by giving honeybees a safe home free from chemicals.

We have our bees nestled into our garden, so they can help pollinate the food. However, we also grow an abundance of flower varieties so the bees can enjoy multiple blooms from spring through fall. We have many fruit trees and we grow lots of pumpkins and sunflowers, as well as many other varieties of flowers. We are fortunate to be near the hills and so our bees also get to enjoy the wildflowers that grow naturally just beyond our backyard.

We work very hard to make products that help people and we always love to get feedback on how our products are helping you! We favor natural ingredients and essential oils, and choose local and organic ingredients whenever possible.


We are so happy you've found us!

Thank you for supporting us so we can also support local companies and the ecosystem in our Treasure Valley!