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Boise Bees & Blossoms LLC

Raw Honey 3 lb jar (1.36kg)

Raw Honey 3 lb jar (1.36kg)

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Pure, Raw Idaho Honey.  Unpasteurized and Minimally Filtered.

From wildflowers in the high desert of Idaho.  Our honey is full-bodied, with a wide variety of nectar and pollen producing a rich, bold and flavorful honey. 

Our hives are naturally managed, with only organic, natural treatments to manage mites and pests.  Our bees are kept in our organically managed garden, orchards and vineyards in the country near Boise Idaho.

You will find our bees working hard in the wine country and orchards of Sunny Slope; with some hives busy on the vineyards of Hell's Canyon / Zhoo Zhoo Winery - Our Favorite!

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